Since the Ascendant is in a bicorporeal sign, the year 2022 for Russia (beginning in March 2022 at the Sun’s entry into Aries, and ending at the next entry of the Sun into Aries in 2023) will have two parts. The first part of the year will be represented by the Sun’s entry into Aries and will tell us about the spring and summer seasons. Then the second part, which will be represented by the Sun’s entry into Libra 2022, will cover the last two seasons, autumn and winter.



The Sun at its entry is at the Occasus, and communicates with the Ascendant, the Sun is setting and by analogy the King is setting (since the Sun is the natural significator of the King). The accidental significator of the one who has power (Putin) is Mercury in detriment and falling into abject declivity (6th House), indicating precisely Putin’s detriment (i.e. his difficulties and isolation) and Putin’s fall (a situation of diminished consensus in Russian public opinion) since Mercury is also ruler of the Ascendant and accidental significator of the opinion of his people. The Moon rules the King’s allies, hence Putin’s magic circle, and it is a Moon that runs wild and does not apply to anything in the sign in which it is located, seeming almost to want to confirm the possible unwillingness of Putin’s allies or supporters to follow him totally in his intentions. Mercury meets Jupiter, the accidental significator of those in power in Russia meets Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house (known enemies or rivals). Perhaps agreements are on the way with known enemies during these two seasons, agreements and pacts that will nevertheless yield an utterly destroyed figure of Putin, compared to his previous authority and authoritativeness. According to these celestial images, Putin would appear to have totally lost his charisma and collective consensus: this is due to two astronomical and astrological reasons; the first because Mercury accidental significator of those in power (Mercury) is in detriment and falling; the second because it is in a cadent place, a place of crumbling decline (decrease and diminishment of power and strength). Let us also add to this the King’s natural significator, which is always the Sun, which is setting on the horizon.

The chart of the Sun’s entry into Aries seems to speak to us of a moment of extreme difficulty for Putin that we will come to appreciate in the spring and summer seasons, where the essential and accidental strength of the significator of those in power is in marked decline and in a decisive phase of weakness and reduced capacity for authority and authoritativeness.Russia is experiencing a momentous “historical sunset”, which involves Putin and the very future of Russia. Lord of the Year for the spring and summer season of 2022 is Saturn because, in the succedent place and ruler of the house in which it is located, we note the siege of Venus and the applying conjunction of Mars and Saturn that does not favour the possibility of indicating relaxation but rather points to an extremely difficult and tough period for Russia that we will come to understand better in the two upcoming seasons (spring and summer 2022). Lord of the hour is Saturn on the day of the Sun: depletion of substances related to the Sun and of all that the Sun accidentally and naturally signifies.

It is worth noting that Guido Bonatti reports that particular attention should be paid to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in the case of an entrance of the Sun into Aries, because this will signify difficulties, impediments, a moment of burden or responsibility with respect to inherited things. He adds, quoting Albumasar, that “it will be war if Mars in the house of Saturn moves towards the encounter with Saturn”, especially if the aspect is by body or conjunction. He adds that “if Mars does not separate from Jupiter, the war will be waged by a person unworthy of his reign, or lacking in considerable dignity”.

Add to this the fact that this conjunction takes place in the triplicity of air signs, in the sign of Aquarius, the same sign in which the Jupiter-Saturn median conjunction of December 2020 took place and which marked the change in the triplicity of future conjunctions, highlighting an ongoing change during the twenty-year period (2020–2040) with respect to societies, power, politics, international rules and the balance between nations. The median conjunction took place between Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, which in Ptolemaic chorography belongs to the very area of Russia from which the military invasion that is preoccupying the whole of Europe and the entire world began. To Jupiter-Saturn was applied, in 2020, Mars in Aries (in quadrature aspect); Jupiter-Saturn was applied to Uranus in Taurus (in quadrature aspect). Especially for Mars, transiting in Aries activated the fiery triplicity connected precisely to Europe in the Ptolemaic chorography, and by extension, also to Central America.


CONCLUSIONS – In the first part of the spring and summer of 2022, for Russia there emerged a precarious condition of power, and of those who hold it. The King’s Part, according to Al-Biruni’s formula, is at the 18th degree of Gemini, in the confines and decan of Mars, communicating with its dispositor Mercury in detriment-fallen and in a cadent house, as cadent is the position of fate, further corroborating this indication referring to Putin’s “loss” of prestige and authority. We shall come to understand how he will lose this prestige in the course of these two seasons, but it may be connected with a considerable loss of internal support, a betrayal by his subordinates, but it is also evident that it may relate to a decrease in prestige and good judgement by foreign powers, where fortune is in the 9th house. As far as the FIXED STARS are concerned, Arcturus is in conjunction with the Ascendant and is preparing to rise (an inexorable and impartial star of the nature of Mars which colours the atmosphere of Martial Law or military activities inside/outside the nation), Betelgeuse is perfectly aligned with the cusp of the tenth house (a muscle of reddish and shining light which activates the unsheathing of Orion’s sword), all of which sends us back to inflamed atmospheres but also a precise consideration regarding Putin’s position: Is a new Tsar of Russia about to emerge, or rather is the end of his reign in sight? You can draw your own conclusions.


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The birth of Lillibet Diana: Astrological insights

Little Lillibet Diana, the daughter of Harry and Meghan, has been born. Let’s take a general look at her birth from an astrological standpoint.


Little Lillibet Diana was born when the royal sign of Leo was rising on the horizon: a fixed, summery, solid and stable sign, spirited and prone to anger, lean, inflexible, upright, liberal and commanding. The Leo ascendant has always been seen as a sign in which royalty, fortitude and physical strength ascend. Vettius Valens identifies it with the name IMPERIOSUM, specifically to characterise its regal, proud and authoritative nature. Indeed, we find the house of the Sun in this sign.

In the sign of Leo, we can thus trace the 4 characters typical of the summer heart, namely DIAPYRON PYRODES THERMON THERINON (red-hot, flaming, warm, summery). Those born when the sign of Leo rises on the horizon are therefore regal, voracious, dominant, ambitious and proud, eager to live and to be noticed, impatient, full of life, optimistic, and eager for notoriety and fame.

According to the medieval calculations, all this is peppered with a choleric temperament, but the moist and dry properties nonetheless balance out. We therefore have a temperament that markedly confirms the summery nature of the ascendant, but with a good component of moistness that helps and facilitates in alleviating certain tension-related aspects of the choleric.

The Five Stars are all visible, with the exception of Mercury, which is retrograde and in the west. Venus and Mars are also in the west. Jupiter and Saturn, meanwhile, are in the east with respect to the Sun. Mercury – invisible and retrograde – is in a bicorporeal sign, while the Moon is in a cardinal sign and the ruler of the ascendant is in a bicorporeal sign: her intelligence and mental disposition tend towards open-mindedness and pride, with a good dose of willpower that is uncompromising yet flexible and adaptable.

The native will be oriented towards the nature of JUPITER because Jupiter is Almuten of the Geniture, in a nice angular domicile, with a trine aspect in mundo to Venus, with Venus in the house of the Moon and Jupiter in the house of itself. She will be interested in interactions with others, cultural travels and higher knowledge, and will have an artistic profile in life, with frequent opportunities to grace the stages of the theatre, television or cinema.

Lucas Gauricus confirms that when a child is born under Leo (ascendant), the native will be a great, proud, dominant and daring person. Moreover, the Part of Fortune is in Gemini, in the term of Saturn and in the decan of the Sun; its dispositor is Mercury. Gauricus also tells us that when the Part of Fortune is administered by Mercury, the fortunes of the native will be granted by virtue of his or her own intellectual, mental and creative virtues.
Mercury is also in its domicile and acquires good accidental power. However, it is retrograde and invisible, so the native will tend to change her mind frequently and will not always be so convinced of her opinions or judgements of things. Her analyticity is therefore bicorporeal and changeable, which is not necessarily negative. In fact, it should be noted that the Sun does not form dissonant aspects with the malefics.

The Sun and Saturn are in trine: the Anonymous says that this aspect boosts life prospects with a good name and offers the native illustrious offices, especially when the two are in masculine signs and in a diurnal geniture, as in this case. Furthermore, the trine appears in a human sign, which suggests very dignified roles and great fame and authority in the world, especially considering the social importance of the family into which the child was born. Since the Sun in a diurnal chart is the natural signifier of the Father, the trine Sun-Saturn aspect also highlights the condition of the father who, to quote the Anonymous again, is ‘illustrious’.

Lillibet and the fixed stars on the midheaven.
With respect to the midheaven, the Pleiades have more rights in terms of hourly distance, since they are closer to the cusp. The star Aldebaran is very close to the Sun of the native, and the Pleiades near the midheaven concomitant with the presence of the Sun make the natives military captains, commanders, mounted colonels or emperors: in other words, bold, regal, haughty and proud. Aldebaran with the Sun makes for military eminence, honour, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity and courage, but also ferocity, as well as public honours.

The star Regulus was rising on the horizon. The Fixed Star Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia. Referred to as a kingmaker, it carries a majestic energy of bestowing a royal quality to those born under it’s rays bestows. With this point in the chart, the individual’s personality is larger than life, commanding, independent, outspoken, or arrogant. They can be honor oriented and have a lifestyle personified by courage, fame, royalty, and leadership. While it also represents fame and success, the star’s magnificence reminds us that fame and money don’t always bring happiness.

Welcome, Lillibet. And congratulations to Harry and Meghan.


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Le dimore celesti. Segni e simboli dello zodiaco. Giuseppe Bezza
Astrology in medieval manuscripts. Sophie Page

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The birth of Lorenzo De Medici: Mars in the house of Jupiter and Jupiter in that of Mars

IN SHORT: Mars in the house of Jupiter and Jupiter in that of Mars; De Iudiciis Nativitatum, Abu ‘Ali al-Khayyat

LORENZO DE MEDICI – he had a choleric temper, described by temperamental physiognomy as a mood that pushes the person to fulfil their possibilities, achieving their ambitions at all costs. His body was taut, as is well known, his muscular structure strapping and robust, his face very lively, his gaze always sharp and attentive. Numerous texts use the term angry to evoke the image of the strategist, soldier and leader, but also the politician, entrepreneur and master. Lorenzo De Medici’s choleric temperament is confirmed by the Strength of Mars, a candidate for Ruler of his Birth Chart. Mars is also the Almuten of his ascendant. Anger comes in different nuances. In my research I found over seven different definitions of choleric temperament based on certain “modalities” or predispositions. In this instance, we are certainly dealing violent anger typical of troublemakers and warmongers, but also choleric conquerors who use skilful strategies to achieve their ultimate aims, knowing where and how to strike (including with diplomatic means).

In fact, Lorenzo’s skill as a politician was already apparent at the age of 18, when he was assigned political missions to be carried out in the cities of Naples, Venice and Rome.


Mars is in the house of Jupiter: the Arabic astrologer reflected on the position of Mars when it was in the sign of Jupiter, noting that this arrangement would confer honour and nobility, predisposing people to be friends with kings, nobles or the great and powerful of this world. Then he added another consideration, however. Albhohali said that if Mars is in the sign of Jupiter and Jupiter in that of Mars (as in the case of Lorenzo’s birth) “the person born will find themselves at the side of the army and will triumph over their enemies.” This means they have a predisposition to conflict and battle, but also a connection to the army and the policy of conquest, and the final outcome can be significant if Mars-Jupiter are oriented in an adequate way. In this case, Mars is the ruler of the image and therefore will always have a say in any situation concerning the person in question. Jupiter as Mars’ dispositor is really wonderful in the tenth house, with a high degree of fortuity!

Lorenzo came to power in 1496, becoming Lord of Florence; he proved to be a refined and skilled diplomat and a very shrewd politician, who was capable of profoundly transforming the internal order of the state. He reorganised it from the ground up, thus succeeding in taking even greater power into his hands, power that was above all more legalised. He also succeeded in assigning the important role of moderator of Italian politics to the city of Florence. The Volterra War dates back to 1472, when Lorenzo led Florence in order to strengthen the city’s dominion of the Italian peninsula. He managed to foil the Pazzi conspiracy with the help of the Florentines. In 1478, the Pazzis (a family of Florentine bankers) tried to crush the Medicihegemony with the support of the Pope, the Republic of Siena and the Kingdom of Naples. This conspiracy led to Giuliano de’ Medici, Lorenzo’s beloved younger brother, being killed and il Magnifico himself being wounded, however it nevertheless did not succeed in removing the Medici dynasty’s power over Florence.

At this point, Sixtus IV excommunicated Lorenzo and declared an interdict against the city of Florence. As a result, war broke out. Florence found some allies against the Pope and Ferdinando di Napoli in the Republic of Venice and in the Duchy of Milan, but by this time the situation in the city was critical. Lorenzo the Magnificent thus went to Naples on 6 December 1479 to try to stipulate a non-aggression treaty with Ferdinando.

The man accepted, convinced by the power that this would give to the state of the Church in the years to come. Pope Sixtus IV, left alone, was forced to yield and accept the unfolding of events.

From here on, the prestige of Florence grew stronger and Lorenzo de’ Medici was the centre of this power.

Thus Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio gave the victory to the Lord of Florence, as also predicted by Albhohali.



IN BREVE: Marte nella casa di Giove e Giove in quella di Marte; De Iudiciis Nativitatum, Abu ‘Ali al-Khayyat

LORENZO DE MEDICI – il suo temperamento è collerico, quello che è descritto dalla fisionomia temperamentale come umore che spinge la persona a realizzare sé stessa, nel raggiungimento delle proprie ambizioni, a tutti i costi. Il corpo è teso, inteso, la struttura muscolare nerboruta e consistente, il volto molto vispo lo sguardo acuto e sempre attento, numerosi testi rievocano nel collerico l’immagine dello stratega, del soldato, del condottiero, ma anche del politico, dell’imprenditore, del padrone. Questo temperamento collerico in Lorenzo De Medici è confermato dalla Forza di Marte che può essere candidato a Sovrano della Carta. Marte è anche Almuten dell’ascendente. Il temperamento collerico ha diverse sfumature, ho nella mia ricerca trovato oltre 7 definizioni diverse di collerico in base a certe “modalità” o predisposizioni, possiamo sicuramente avere il collerico violento, quello attaccabrighe e guerrafondaio, ma anche il collerico conquistatore, che con abile strategia sa dove colpire e come farlo… (anche con diplomazia) pur di arrivare al proprio scopo finale.

L’abilita come politico in effetti Lorenzo la esprime già a soli 18 anni, gli vengono infatti assegnate missioni politiche che porta sempre a compimento nelle città di Napoli, Venezia e Roma.


Marte è nel segno del domicilio di Giove: l’astrologo arabo riflette sulla posizione di Marte quando è nel segno di Giove dicendo che tale disposizione conferirà onore, nobiltà, predispone ad essere amici dei re, dei nobili ovvero dei potenti o dei grandi di questo mondo. Ma aggiunge poi un’altra considerazione. Albhohali dice che se Marte è nel segno di Giove e Giove in quello di Marte (come nel caso della natività di Lorenzo) “il nativo sarà al fianco dell’esercito e trionferà sui suoi nemici” ovvero predispone la disputa, la battaglia, ma anche il collegamento all’esercito e alla politica di conquista, dove alto potrà essere il risultato finale se Marte-Giove saranno orientati in modo adeguato. In questo caso Marte è sovrano dell’immagine e quindi avrà sempre da dire qualcosa su qualsiasi situazione del nativo; e Giove dispositore di Marte è proprio bello in decima casa, forte nella sua accidentalità!

Lorenzo sale al potere nel 1496 diventando Signore di Firenze; si dimostra un diplomatico fine ed abile e un politico molto accorto, capace di compiere una trasformazione profonda nell’ordinamento interno dello Stato. Egli lo scuote fin dalle fondamenta, riuscendo così a ottenere un potere ancor più saldo nelle sue mani e soprattutto più legalizzato. Riesce anche nell’impresa di assegnare alla città di Firenze l’importante ruolo di stato moderatore della politica italiana. Risale al 1472 la guerra di Volterra, in cui Lorenzo guida Firenze allo scopo di rafforzare il dominio della città nella penisola italica. Riesce a sventare la congiura dei Pazzi con l’aiuto dei fiorentini. Nel 1478 i Pazzi (famiglia di banchieri fiorentini), sostenuti dal papa, dalla Repubblica di Siena e dal Regno di Napoli, cercano di stroncare l’egemonia dei Medici. Questa congiura porta all’uccisione di Giuliano de’ Medici, amato fratello minore di Lorenzo, e al ferimento del Magnifico, senza però riuscire nell’intento di levare il potere su Firenze alla dinastia dei Medici.

Sisto IV, a quel punto, scomunica Lorenzo e lancia l’interdetto contro la città di Firenze. Da qui si scatena la guerra. Firenze trova nella Repubblica di Venezia e nel Ducato di Milano degli alleati contro il Papa e Ferdinando di Napoli, ma ormai la situazione in città è critica. Lorenzo il Magnifico si reca così il 6 dicembre del 1479 a Napoli per cercare di stipulare un trattato di non belligeranza con Ferdinando.

L’uomo accetta, convinto dalla potenza che ciò avrebbe portato allo stato della Chiesa negli anni a venire. Papa Sisto IV, rimasto solo è costretto a cedere e accettare lo svolgersi degli eventi.

Da qui in poi il prestigio di Firenze si rafforza e Lorenzo de’ Medici è il centro di questo potere.

Così Marte in Pesci e Giove in Scorpione hanno dato frutto vincente al Signore di Firenze, così come indicato anche da Albhohali.


De Iudiciis Nativitatum, Abu ‘Ali al-Khayyat

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